Saturday, May 24, 2008

Money Crocks


Sometimes on a Saturday morning, when I get a little tired of the good, but earnest Sheryl MacKay on the the local Ceeb, I flip up the dial to hear what Michael, brother of British Columbia Premier Gordon, Campbell is spouting on his investment show called 'Money Talks'.

This morning, just before the 9:00am news, I heard Mr. Campbell crowing, with much glee in voice, about how much really big money there is to be made snapping up huge swaths of foreclosed family homes in the United States.

To which guest, market watcher Michael Levy, responded with equal glee that, what with our high dollar, we Canadians can now get in on that action too.


For the record - if I ever decide the time has come to start making a killing off the misery of others, well, that would mean that time has come to put me out of misery.



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