Wednesday, May 21, 2008

She's Not Comparing Him To Hey Zeuss....

...She's Just Sayin' That St. John The Obscurantist Is Kinda/Sorta Just Like Him.

The Chairperson of the Georgia Republican Party that is:

Columbus Georgia, May 17/08 — Georgia Republican Party chairwoman Sue Everhart said Saturday that the party's presumed presidential nominee has a lot in common with Jesus Christ.

"John McCain is kind of like Jesus Christ on the cross," Everhart said as she began the second day of the state GOP convention. "He never denounced God, either."

Everhart was praising McCain for never denouncing the United States while he was being tortured as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

"I'm not trying to compare John McCain to Jesus Christ, I'm looking at the pain that was there," she said.

Who knew?

Thing is, I'm not sure the bearded one ever called Mary Magdalene and the rest of the disciples vile names and epithets.


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