Friday, May 09, 2008

The Return Of The Dobranos!


The title of this week's episode is:

'Sometimes A Secretary Is Just A Secretary'

A CABINET secretary that is.

And Les Leyne, drama critic for the Victoria Times Colonist, apparently, loves the plot line:

(After the issue of the handling of RailGate documents was raised in the Legislature) "an official later told reporters that (Mr. Kenneth) Dobell was involved only because the deputy cabinet secretary was on holiday. She was listed on the formal protocol as one of the people allowed to make decisions. But she was out of the country when the specific question arose, so Dobell stepped in.

Lost in the argument is the fact that Dobell released the document. For people worried about transparency, he made the right call.

Also overlooked is the fact that he was secretary to cabinet.

Who else is going to decide on cabinet documents?"


After all, who else but the secretary to the CABINET of Mr. Gordon Campbell, and Mr. Campbell's DEPUTY MINISTER at the time*, was going to decide on whether or not documents involving the 'sale' of B.C. Rail would be released to the courts.

Which, of course, begs the following question.

Doesn't this actually prove that the CABINET of Mr. Gordon Campbell was, indeed, involved in making such decisions?

For those interested in previous Dobrano episode plotlines they can be found here.
*Mr. Dobell was appointed as both Cabinet Secretary AND Deputy Minister to the Premier by Order-In-Council #559 on June 05, 2001.
Mr T, Bill Tieleman, provides us with the official link for OICs #557-566 (check out who was appointed just before Mr. Dobell by OIC #558 - hint they were Ministerial Assistants in Finance and Transportation).


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