Saturday, May 24, 2008

Is Good Prop Gooder?



Update: Jeff and Zorpheous, in the comments, both make it clear that they were just joshin'. And I understand that - it's just that I don't agree with it when it is not evident, right up front (including in the header to a post) that it is a joshin' thing. However, this is just my decide.

Jeff, in a comment to his own post, makes an interesting point:

"....if the Conservative Party can take quotes and twist them ridiculously out of context for articles and even national TV ads, then I thought I could have a little fun and show they’re just as vulnerable to this kind of childish nonsense too."

What's this all about?

Well, it looks like Jeff and the Wingnutterer have decided to go ahead and Wurlitzer something said by Peter MacKay which, especially when taken out of context, looks pretty bad indeed.

It has to do with MacKay's suggesting that the Cons should 'cancel all student aid programs'.

But it was said completely in jest, during a soccer game when MP's were being beaten by student pages.

So, here's the thing.......

There is no need for this kind of thing, because in the end, in my opinion all prop is bad.

And besides, it's not as if there isn't enough egregious REAL Connitude about, just ready for the taking, that can be used against them and their own Wurlitzering.

Connitude like, say, this, from their own website:

"Canadians want action on the environment; action that reduces green house gases while preserving our standard of living and way of life. Unfortunately, previous Liberal governments failed to act while Canada’s air quality got worse and greenhouse gas emissions skyrocketed. Conservatives are turning the corner with a practical, achievable plan to clean up Canada’s air, land and water and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

Which, of course, in Connitudinous terms, really means "inaction" like this:

NUSA DUA, Indonesia (Dec 17, 2007) - The Harper government stood alone on the international stage (at the International Climate Change Summit) Saturday facing renewed accusations of sabotage because of efforts to block Kyoto Protocol countries from recognizing the scientific evidence that stringent and binding targets are necessary to avoid dangerous and irreversible damage to the climate, sources close to the negotiations confirmed.

{snippety doobey-wah*}

(Canadian Environment Minister John) Baird was personally invited to attend the meeting by the summit's president on Thursday, which was supposed to be the second-last day of the conference. But he failed to show up for the marathon negotiating session which finished after three o'clock in the morning.


*Apologies for the 'doobey-wah' thing - Peter Frampton is coming to (the most sterile venue imaginable in our) town.



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