Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nevermind Hillary....The Real Loser Last Night Was....

...The French Fry Guy

Here are the stone cold numbers, and they are not good for Mr. McCain:

Obama - 600K +
McCain - 312K +

North Carolina
Obama - 890K+
McCain - 402K+

In fact, Mr. Obama banged the gong of the entire Republican field by more than half a million votes.

So, forget all about that 'Operation Chaos' crap from Mr. Limbaugh that you are going to hear a whole bunch about in the next few days because it is nothing but deflector spin.

After all, the numbers quoted above tell the real story.

And that story is that Obama is a vote and (an individual donor-contributed) money magnet who got through this thing intact, without pandering or guttersniping.

Which means a lot.

A whole heckfire of a lot.


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