Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This Just In.....

.....B.C. Supreme Shields Insite From The Cons

Rod Mickleburgh has the late breaking story in the Globe:

VANCOUVER — The controversial safe-injection site here that allows addicts to shoot up illegal drugs in a safe environment won a major court victory Tuesday, shielding the facility from a threat of being closed by the federal Conservative government, perhaps indefinitely.

The ruling by B.C. Supreme Court judge Ian Pitfield struck down the constitutionality of federal laws making possession of illegal drugs an offence, if they are applied to an addict seeking a safe environment to inject. However, he gave the government one year to rewrite the laws making it clear that the safe-injection facility here, known as Insite, should be exempt from prosecution.....

Guess maybe Mr. Reynolds wasn't able to lobby that particular activist judge, eh?

Especially when it comes to this part:

....Judge Pitfield has cleared Insite to continue operating, saying that its policy of harm reduction trumps the illegal possession of heroin and cocaine by its clients.

He said federal drug laws “prohibit the management of addiction and its associated risks at Insite. [They] are inconsistent with the state's interest in fostering individual and community health, and preventing death and disease.”


Thanks again to Bob for the heads-up.


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