Monday, May 19, 2008

Ya, But How Many of 'Em Were White?


PORTLAND, Ore. - They waited for hours under a warm sun, the line snaking for blocks and blocks through downtown. They packed onto the park lawn, from the makeshift stage to the waterfront and up to the street. They watched from a bridge overhead and from pleasure boats on the river, bikini-clad. They brought their parents and their infants. Some skipped work. Some wilted in the heat. A few jammed the streets afterward, hoping for a final motorcade glimpse.

Fire department officials counted 75,000 in all, a record for the main attraction, Sen.
Barack Obama (D-Ill.)......

..And, Apparently, Quite A Few Were Of The Caucasian Persuasion..

All of which set me to wondering......

What would it take for the Re-smuglicans to cajole 75,000 of their followers out see John McCain?


I'm not even sure the promise of a five gallon jerry-can filled to bursting with gasoline and a free all-you-can-eat ticket to ride at Red Lobster for every attendee with a pulse would do the trick.

If you get my drift.


Images source: Chris Carlson, AP/ NYTimes.


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