Friday, May 09, 2008

Did Vaughn Palmer Just Suggest That Gordon Campbell's Actions To Curtail Third Party Advertising....

.....Are Profoundly False And Dishonest?

Why yes, I believe he did:

"But Campbell didn't leave any leeway when he took his principled stand against the NDP legislation (when he was Opposition Leader).

He didn't make the case for fair and balanced limits on third-party advertising. He argued that limits -- any limits -- were wrong, inexcusable, unconstitutional and a violation of freedom of speech.

The Liberals have been called hypocrites for their that-was-then, this-is-now stance.

But the complete reversal, unaccompanied by any acknowledgment of the amazing convenience of the switch, invites stronger language.

Extreme, I'm thinking, and treacherous. Or maybe profoundly false and dishonest."

To which I would also add "profoundly anti-democratic" given that the bill in question, Bill 42, will likely be rammed through with little or no serious debate before the Ledge closes for the season on May 29th.


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