Saturday, May 03, 2008

If A Railway Falls In The Forest.....

.....Does Anybody Hear?

All kinds of bizarre goings on in the B.C. Railgate thing, what with secretive hearings involving secretive time changes and even more secretive letters that have something to do super secret special prosecutor requests involving one hand clapping and/or the ultra-secret Zen of a gigantic, yet somehow invisible, stone wall running all the way from Squamish to Prince George.......

Or some such thing.

Pied Piper to the Anon-O-Mice, and our good friend, Mary and the indefatigable Gary E. have the story with, get this(!), an assist from Keith Baldrey(!!!).

How do they say in h'English: I 'ave it on the 'ighest authority that ...

it was indeed the special prosecutor who requested the change in date. At the hearing (which was essentially an update on disclosure progress for the judge) the special prosecutor said there was still more disclosure to come.

As a result, a tentatively scheduled May hearing has been or will be rescheduled to June (I would bet it would be after the June 9th-11th court of appeal hearing on the special prosecutor’s attempt to have a secret witness testify without defence lawyers being present).

So it looks like everything is on hold until after that appeal hearing (indeed, either side may appeal THAT ruling all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. If so, that could delay the trial many more months, as I speculated in December).
As for a Basi name not being on the registry or docket, I wouldn’t read too much into that. Those public postings are routinely full of errors for all kinds of proceedings.

Hope this helps.
Baldrey, Keith (Global BC)

Will the wonders of 'feet-to-the-fire' Citizen J. never cease?


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