Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our Friend Bev Makes A Very Good Point


In commenting on our 'B.C. Place Becomes An Invisibly Inflated Cash Cow' on the Friday before the long weekend, our good friend Bev wrote the following:


And my 1st response (to myself) was what they plan to put on the site of the old Art Gallery Heritage site, could it be more condo's?


It's a great question.

Unfortunately it is also a question for which we have no definitive answer.


Well, because, as we pointed out in the original Cash Cow piece, the preferred planner/developer is not saying how much anything is going to cost or what is actually going to be done.

Thus, we must be content to believe in the ability of the invisible (and fully transparent!) hands of the Developer's Bund to do what is right for the public good.

Regardless, this much we do know - to quote the irrepressible Mr. Rafe Mair once again:

"This bunch seems to know the cost of everything and value of nothing."


Image courtesy of Jason Vanderhill, who has posted up at the VAG Wiki page.


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