Wednesday, May 07, 2008

OK, HarperCons We Agree.....

.....Insite 'Is' A Policy Issue


From the CP:

VANCOUVER — The Charter of Rights and Freedoms doesn't protect the right of drug addicts to shoot up, federal lawyers told a B.C. court Tuesday, arguing that the future of Vancouver's supervised-injection site is a matter of policy, not law.

"The primary activity at this site, which is drug injection for drug users, is not medical treatment, which the charter could protect," John Hunter told B.C. Supreme Court.

"At the end of the day, there is no constitutional right to use heroin or cocaine, even if you are already addicted to them."

Ottawa has until June 30 to decide whether the supervised-injection site in the city's troubled Downtown Eastside, known as Insite, will be allowed to remain open under an exemption from Canada's drug laws.

Now, of course the nattering neighbobs of negativism from the NaPo are going with the prurient angle, 'pushing' (pun intended) the angle that the 'right to shoot upperists ' represent the end of the 1950's as we know it and thus must be stopped at all costs, even if that cost is paid with the lives of the junkies and the sick.

The NaPo is also pushing the 'more data are needed' meme.

Which, as we have pointed out before, is pure, unadulterated codswallop financed, in part, by the pushers at the US Department of Justice.

But forget all that for a moment and instead think about what the HarperCons lawyers are really arguing for.

Which is that Insite does not have a constitutional/legal leg to stand on.

Which, in my books is fair enough.


Because it means that any decision that they make will be one of policy.

And, the time has come for them to let us know what their policy is, unvarnished and unmasked.

In other words, the time for weasling is over.

Do what you're going to do and let Canadians decide if they want to support a government that chooses prisons over peoples lives.

Or not.



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