Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why Does The NPA Hate Democracy So Much?


First they tried to stop Peter Ladner from contesting Smilin' Sammy Sullivan's coronation.

Now, according to Ladner at least, they are trying to stop him from debating Mr. Sullivan.

Frances Bula has the story in the VSun:

The man challenging Mayor Sam Sullivan for his job says he's "disappointed" that his party won't hold a candidates' debate, as a result of what he calls a lacklustre response from the party board and the mayor.

"The board and the mayor have dragged their feet," said Non-Partisan Association Coun. Peter Ladner. "I'm going to organize my own event now June 3 and if the mayor wanted to come, he'd be more than welcome." Ladner's communications team sent out a press release late Tuesday saying the board has decided "against hosting a mayoral debate" and calling on the mayor to agree to one.....

Of course, the NPA excecutive puts a different spin on things:

NPA president Matthew Taylor said the board has agreed to a debate. However, it's on the morning of the vote June 8....

Sure they have.

But here's the thing - June 8th is also the day that the NPA is scheduled to have its 'Ladner vs Sullivan' nomination vote cage match.

All of which has us wondering why the NPA didn't go all the way and schedule the debate for June 9th.


That way they could have paid for it with what's left over from the smilin' one's half million dollar war chest and nobody would have been the wiser.


By the way, the Vision candidates are already going at it tooth and nail. More on that later, because when something actually involves a bit of substance it takes a little time to digest.


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