Sunday, May 04, 2008

Springsteen Before Hammond


The following is an amazing artifact, for all kinds of reasons.

Here are just two......

First, lyrically and thematically it could almost be an outake from the 'Magic' sessions (if there had actually been such a thing).

Second, and much more interesting to me, is the fact that this is from 1970 which is before the big audition for John Hammond when Mr. Springsteen did a pretty good job of shopping himself as the next Dylan.

But still, regardless, sure is a whole lotta post-Hawks Helm/Robertson/Danko/Manuel in there don't ya think?

For those who doubt the self-promoting aspect of the Dylanesque-turn, check this out, which much later, in what can only guess is a bit of nod and wink, became this.
Which is not to say that kids who were paying attention didn't get it, some of whom themselves turned into the real deal.
And just wanted to add this one, well, just because, especially because of the words on the side bar (hit 'more info').


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