Thursday, May 01, 2008

Coolin' Up Everybody...


In the past, we've called this feature 'Coolin' Up The Old Guy', in which we try to impart some of the musical hippness factor gleaned from the recommendations of the young kids in the lab and elsewhere.

All of which has resulted in finds like 'Sons and Daughters', 'Magnetic Fields' and even 'Julia Nunes'.

But here's 'the thing'.

Which is that, no matter what, and no matter how good the goods, if you are of a certain age of middleness you will almost invariably receive raised quizzical/ironical/condescending eyebrows from those very same kids when you try to take stuff back to them that you think they just might actually, you know, well, hopefully, like.

So, in the spirit of all things timeless, we bring you the antidote for all of that from one of our old, and Bigger E's current, favorites - Jill Sobule (the second verse is the best one to soothe a soul in crisis, real or imagined):

Now there are all kinds of great things about Ms. Sobule, and tons of it can be found at her website.

Here are just two of those things that we really, really like....

First, a recent live show from Joe's Pub that can be downloaded for free (if you want) in any format you like (the song in question, 'Nothin' To Prove', is track 3).

Second, the fact that Jill and her friends have said F.U., bigtime, to the record industry and raised enough money so that she can both record AND promote her next record all on her own.

Now that is cool, no matter how you slice, dice, or age it.


Coming soon.....Fairies?....... In Pacific Spirit Park?!.......


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