Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why Does Smilin' Sammy Hate Democracy So Much....



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This time it's Miro Cernetig of the VSun who has the story:

It's a simple tenet of democracy: Require those seeking public office to debate each other, let the voters see the candidates' stuff, measure how well they champion their ideas in the cut and thrust of real political battle.

That's what the municipal party known as Vision is doing. Al De Genova, Raymond Louie and Gregor Robertson took each other on Wednesday night in their first debate.

The three men, who see themselves as Vancouver's next mayor, are embracing the idea of open debate: they plan to take part in another two such events before their centre-left party's June 15 nomination meeting to decide Vision's mayoral candidate.

But not Vancouver's Mayor Sam Sullivan. He seems to think he's somehow above it. He, and the board of the Non-Partisan Association, the centre-right party he runs under, are doing everything they can to avoid a meaningful debate with the mayor's challenger, NPA city councillor Peter Ladner.........


Where'd that bully pulpit go Mr. Sullivan?

Or maybe we should be asking where the bully went.

With his pulpit, I mean.


Update Monday May 26th: According to Frances Bula, Sammy is feelin' the heat and has relented. However, it is still not clear when the debate is going to be (ie. is it still the same day as the vote type deal that Sammy's henchmen tried to pawn off as democracy previously?). Thanks to West End Bob (who isn't even in the West End at the moment) for the tip.


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