Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ya, But Will This One Go On The Mantlepiece?


Oh, goody.

Mr. Harper has just won an award:

EDMONTON - When it comes to secrecy, the Canadian Association of Journalists says nobody does it better than the Prime Minister's Office.

Stephen Harper's office was the hands-down winner of the group's "Code of Silence" award for 2007.

CAJ president Mary Agnes Welch says Harper's "white-knuckled death grip on public information" made it the easiest decision ever rendered by its judges.

The ignominious award, handed out Saturday night at the annual CAJ investigative journalism awards banquet in Edmonton, aims to dishonour the country's most secretive government, department or agency.

Welch says if journalists can't get basic information from the federal government, Canadians can't hold the government accountable.

Harper was invited to accept the award in person but failed to respond, the association said.

No word on whether the failure to respond was a snub for either the journalists or the city of 'Red'monton.

Or both.


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