Saturday, May 17, 2008

The New Captive Colonialism....


Heckfire, it's so great that even their prisons are the best thing you've ever seen:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States intends to build a big new prison at its main military base in Afghanistan, a shift from earlier aims to transfer most detainees to Afghan custody, The New York Times reported. A Pentagon spokesman confirmed the report in the Times' Saturday edition of the planned 40-acre (24-hectare) complex at the Bagram military base. "There are plans under way to do that," Lt. Col. Mark Wright said......

And, even better, they're actually good for you, apparently:

(Lt. Col) Wright said the new facility would offer more room and more opportunity for vocational, educational and religious training. The current, makeshift prison at Bagram holds about 630 prisoners, kept in wire-mesh pens surrounded by coils of razor wire......


You know, as the evidence continues to mount it's getting harder and harder to not agree with the end of life sentiments of the now long gone Hunter S. Thompson regarding what has become of him and his:

We're the Nazis in this game, and I don't like it. I'm embarrassed and I'm pissed off. Yeah. I mean to say something and I think a lot of people in this country agree with me.'
Hunter S. Thompson, January 2003

Too bad so few of his compatriots seem to feel the same way.

After all, how else do you explain a headline like the following:

"Obama Has The Upper Hand. But McCain Can Still Take Him"

Which sits atop a noxious screed by the toe sucker himself, Dick Morris, that will be published in tomorrow's edition of the Washington Post.



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