Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Can The NDP Win In 2009?



It's only a survey of 853 and it's got the faint whiff of the Wurlitzer about it, but Greg Lyle's poll may have exposed a tiny chink in the fifty-thousand dollar CanWest-assisted media armour of Mr. Gordon Campbell and the British Columbia Liberals (in name only).

Justine Hunter did the stenoing for Mr. Lyle in today's (notCanWest)Globe and Mail:

"The Innovative Research Group survey of 853 British Columbians confirmed that trend, showing the Liberals continue to hold a firm lead over the New Democrats among decided voters, at 47 per cent versus 36 per cent. The Green Party remains close to their last election results at 12 per cent.

But the Liberals' weakness on social policy questions such as welfare, health, and education is fertile ground for growing NDP support.

Mr. Campbell still dominates NDP Leader Carole James on strong leadership by a wide margin of 28 percentage points. Of those polled who thinks he deserves re-election, most said it was because of the province's strong economy.

But when asked which leader "cares about people like you," Ms. James came out ahead. And among voters who think it is time for a change in leadership, their top reason is the need for more focus on social and health issues......"

As we've said many times before, Mr. Campbell has shifted his 'burdens' and made his 'corrections' that have put working people in their place.

And in doing so he has birthed a corpulent corporate cash-cow that is built for good times.

Thus, it may be an unfortunate truism that the only way he can lose is if things go bad.

Just ask the people of Mackenzie British Columbia.


Of course, if Mr. Lyle is right that means that (notCanWest)Rafe Mair really isn't Tom Cruise Crazy.
Graphic at top of post comes from BC Liberals' campaign contribution statement for 2005 which can be downloaded here.


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