Thursday, May 01, 2008

Gordon Campbell's Double-Secret Probation Secretariat


When the story of the most secretive provincial government of the new millenium is finally written we're pretty sure it will be authored, at least in part, by Sean Michael Holman:

Later this month, the Canadian Association of Journalists will announce the winner of its annual Code of Silence Award -- recognizing the most secretive government department in Canada. And, this year, 24 Hours, The Tyee and Public Eye are proud to nominate British Columbia's climate action secretariat for that award.....

And what are the reasons behind the nomination?

Well, for starters, how about this:

The government has refused to say whether the secretariat's head -- Graham Whitmarsh -- has any environmental credentials. But Internet and newspaper database searches show no reference to Mr. Whitmarsh being involved in any carbon trading or climate action work.....

Next up, the number 177:

Cabinet's climate action committee boasts it has had at least 177 presentations from scientists, public servants, environmental organizations, academics and industry sectors. The government has refused to reveal the contents of those presentations.

And, in case you missed it, the pounding of doors has fallen on deaf ears:

Meetings of the provincial government's climate action team -- which will be making recommendations on how the Liberals can meet their greenhouse gas reduction targets -- are happening behind closed doors.

And what would a secret club be without an official, dyed-in-the-spit-of-jaundiced-eye, 'cone of silence':

In April 2007, The Vancouver Sun's Miro Cernetig reported Premier Campbell "signed-off on a little-noticed changed to the Freedom of Information Act," putting everything members of cabinet's climate action committee "discuss under an official cone of silence."

Which, of course, smells like one big Dick-around-and-round.

And that's just for starters. SMH (not the Sydney Morning Herald) has another entire coal bed methane-based bushel full of reasons for the nomination, many of which will knock your socks off.



Never mind the Environmentalists.

Because this is THE biggest issue next to, maybe, health care and the Public of British Columbia is completely and absolutely shut out of the discussion.

What does that tell you, exactly?



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