Sunday, May 04, 2008

Is Something Strange Happening In Pacific Spirit Park?


This just in.......

Our reporter covering the Pacific Spirit Park beat, 'littler e.', has just filed a story about how she and her friend 'm.' discovered something more exciting than a million Jonas brothers living in the salal just off the Swordfern trail.

And we're not sure exactly how to put this but, well, littler e. and m. both insist that what they saw were.......



The exact location of these magical wonders is not clear given that, apparently, the beat frequencies of faerie wings generate multi-focal post-dynamic Doppler deflector shields that block all signals of a GPS-type nature.

But that didn't stop littler e. and m. from snapping the photo above during a stakeout early this morning.

Forensic image experts at the last remaining laboratory in the soon to be dismantled NCE complex on nearby South Campus have refused to confirm the authenticity of the image. However, when we managed to reach head pixellation expert extraordinare Dr. Phillipa Derriere she seemed to have a scientifically rigorous and plausible explanation for the bizarre brightness of the object in question's brightness.

"Apparently, it was caused by the excitements of two nine year old girls seeing Les Faeries, up close and personal, for the first time ever," exclaimed a visibly moved Dr. Derriere.

Unfortunately, neither the MLA for West Point Grey, Mr. Gordon Campbell, or local Parks Board Commissioner and golfer, Mr. Marty Zlotnick, could be reached for comment.



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