Saturday, May 31, 2008

You're Right Mr. Clement, For You InSite Is All About 'Diversion'


Here it is, straight from the mouth of the HEALTH Minister of Mr. Stephen Harper's Canada:

"Programs to support supervised injection divert valuable dollars away from treatment."

OK, if that's the way you feel, what else have you got*?

What have you got that will actually stop the spread of disease and keep the junkies and the sick from dying, not to mention help divert them into other modes of treatment?


And while you contemplate that, perhaps you could also tell us how your diversionary spin campaign AGAINST harm reduction actually means that you still support the four pillars drug strategy.

Because the following statement from you, Mr. Clement, says something entirely different in terms of despicable diversionary spin that has absolutely nothing to do with trying to help the junkies and the sick.

".... government-sponsored supervised injection sends a very mixed message to young people who are contemplating the use of illicit drugs...."


Bogeyman-scary Mr. Clement.

By your diversionary reasoning, does that mean we should stop having public health initiatives to battle sexually transmitted disease because it might encourage young people, you know, to have, you know, well....


*Cue John Reynolds.


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