Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barry('s) Town


In San Francisco, Bush Street runs pretty much the entire gamut of 'The City'.

At least if you're thinking of the part of the city that is North of Market.

In fact, Bush begins by running diagonally off Market deep within the Financial district. It then squeezes between Union Square, Chinatown and the Tenderloin as it skirts the lower edges of Nob Hill before coming down in the Fillmore and the Western Addition.

Which is the way I think of it.

Because when I walk through San Francisco (which I love to do) that's the way I usually go, from downtown outward.

But the weird thing about Bush is that is a one-way street, and the traffic actually flows the other way....which means that most people using it move from one of the least affluent parts of town back in towards all the glitter that is still, for the most part, gold.

Which is fitting somehow.

Especially given what folks moving along Bush Street noticed yesterday morning, Inauguration Day, as they made their way to work, school, play, or whatever.

Which was that every single 'Bush' street sign along its entire length, no matter which end you were at, had been changed.

Changed to 'Obama'.

Imagine that.

Big, Big Tip O' The Hat, to the guy who keeps on driving further , and who also happens to be the Bay Area's biggest poetry arsehole, Jon, for the heads-up.
The SF Chronicle actually does what it's name says it does on this one, here. (I think, maybe, I smell a Morford piece comin'.....).
Update: Here's the 'Obama St.' photo pool on Flickr.....Brilliant!


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