Saturday, January 24, 2009

Come Saturday Morning....

....There Will Be No Ukes!

But there will always be The Weakerthans.

The video above is a live version of 'Relative Surplus Value' from the boomtimes (eg. 2007).

But it pretty much perfectly captures the world we now live in.....

Just the lead-in is enough to make me swoon, purely for the gold-bricked, wordsmith-driven operatic-image-conjuring nature of the thing:

...Find the airport at 7 a.m.......My heart pumping pure mini-bar..... Sit on the concrete by the carts, and some girl throws a dime in my lap..... You won't be laughing ....when you hear..... How this one ends....

And you won't.

Be laughing, I mean.

But that's not the least of a tune that's got an entire world packed into it.

In just two minutes twenty-three.

And a beat you can almost, but not quite, Pogo to.

Bloody amazing that.

And the studio version is even better. So go buy the bloody album. In fact, go buy two bloody albums on small independent labels right now. And a book too. And while you're at it go buy three newspapers (one has to be one you've never read). C'mon, what the heckfire are you waiting for? It's Saturday morning! Get out and spend some money on stuff that matters. Goose the economy by helping build some real infrastructure that no pavement-pouring-project will ever match for real output and true, non-surplus, but highly relativistic value. Go..... Now!
Oh, and I have I mentioned recently that John K. Sampson is a genius, not to mention an ingenious and maniacal infrastructure builder himself?
Here's an entire recent set of the boys from Winnipeg and points East from Berlin.
Bigger E and me are heading out the door right now....on our bikes....we're gonna buy stuff....but first we're gonna get our hearts pumpin'.... pure..... sans mini-bars...Bye-bye....


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