Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Olympic Village Boondoggle: So, Speculation Is Fine Then?


As long as the Ponzi scheme keeps on workin' on?

Even if it is done with public land?

And public money?

Well, apparently, most definitely, YES.

At least I think that's what Ms. Always Campaigning was saying when she was quoted yesteray by The Hook's Geoff Dembicki:

Non-Partisan Association Coun. Suzanne Anton defended the previous council's decision, pointing out that is was made in an “era of high housing prices.”

“We are in a tough spot that is due to the collapse of the financial market and the also the decrease in the value of housing prices,” Anton said.

Glad to see Ms. Anton agrees with Mr. Geller 100%.

And, based on such sentiments, I am very, very glad, now more than ever, that the current incarnation of the NPA has been reduced to little more than a Red Rump Roast Party.



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