Saturday, January 10, 2009

Late Saturday Night's Alright...

....For Uke (Cover) Fighting!


First, the (almost) original from The Velvet Underground....

Now, the cover in all it's goofy DIY glory from Uke Skywalker & Tuba Fett:

All of which brings that old Lester Bangs' line to mind about how only a thousand kids actually bought the first VU album.....but all of 'em then went out and started bands of their own.....

And for those of you young 'uns that don't give a hoot'n heckfire about an old ink-stained wretch named 'Lester' this....
That, and make sure you "Don't Take Tubas!" OK?

UkePegPhotoCredit: LosAngelino PhotoMaven EllenBloom.


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