Monday, January 05, 2009

Spin-Free Snowmageddon Zone


Those Vancouverites who have been too busy enjoying the holidays and/or tobogganing might not know that 'snow' has officially become Lotusland's newest propaganda tool.

More specifically, a dynamic duo that used to work for former mayor Sam Sullivan have decided to hammer the new Gregor Robertson-led council for every possible transgression involving the extremely unusual three week visit from the white-stuff, from the lack of side street ploughing to an apparent lack of media presence during the current 'emergency'.

All of which would be laughable in the extreme if the local pro-media hadn't decided to help Wurlitzer the codswallop from the two Spam-a-loteers.

In fact, a somewhat stealth-like visit to the MoCo by city 'resident' Daniel Fontaine led a fellow resident, Michael Phillips, to leave a comment at FABula's place that included the text of a note he sent directly to the CBC. Ms. Bula then chose to front it, presumably, at least in part, because it was so on target.....

“I’m very sorry that my first letter to the CBC is a complaint, I usually am very proud of your network’s quality and objectivity.

However, the next time a “resident” is selected to make local commentary about a situation which might reflect on the level of competancy of Vancouver’s mayor and council, perhaps the CBC could select someone who was not the former chief-of-staff to the previous mayor who held power under a rival political party to that of the current mayor and council majority.

This was not commentary, it was a hit job by one party on another, and a news program shouldn’t allow itself to be used so easily for such purposes.

If the CBC was bent on voicing Mr. Fontaine’s opinions it should have introduced the guest as the former chief-of-staff to the recently defeated mayor, in which case people would have treated his words with the mounds of snow-salt they deserve.

I’m thinking of going to the ombudsman for the lack of disclosure on this one actually, please respond.”

Which, of course is the real story.

The political 'hit-job', not the 'snowmageddon', I mean.

But still, once the wurlitzer gets cranked-up reality gets lost in all the dung that keeps getting flung.

This was further compounded by the fact that it snowed, again, on Saturday night which got all kinds of weather-blamers and concern-trolls riled up all over again.

As a result, I decided to leave the following comment of my own at Ms. Bula's Sunday afternoon after I came in from the cold....

"Did, indeed, snow again last night, Saturday… Had to go out….All major streets (both East and Westside) were clear…..Passed four plows in 30 minutes of driving….Today, Sunday, just came in from checking side-street storm drains….Were cleared by city workers twice last week….Residents (both ratepayers and renters) have been keeping them clear ever since, in preparation for spring thaw reportedly on way tonight….Hopefully all sycophantic snowmageddon solipcists for Sammy will be washed away by tomorrow….Tuesday at latest….

Which just got the blamers/concerners riled up all over again.

Especially, I presume, because the Vision Vancouver-controlled Weather Network got things wrong such that, as of this writing (10:00pm Sunday), the latest snowfall still has not yet turned to rain.

All of which makes one wonder.....

How long will it take Sammy's sycophants to start blaming Gregor Robertson for the next coming of the Pineapple Express and the pockets of flooding that are sure to follow?



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