Friday, January 02, 2009

Red Rump Roast Party Goin' Down?


As promised, in today's 24 Hours Alex Tsakumis gives us his view of how he figures Vancouver's former ruling party for life*, the NPA, has been "FedConned".

Here are a couple of the juicier bits:

"For three years the same cadre of ultra-right-wing Conservative androids, with a smattering of malleable, token Liberals, held the soul of the party ransom, by injecting the kind of scorched-earth tactics that have the NPA inescapably hobbled.

All to honour a man who splendidly ignored opportunities and proffered plump policy piffle that made Sam Sullivan the most ineffective mayor in Vancouver's history.

For the AGM, a slate was organized and every candidate was a Sam supporter or a supporter of an immediate sycophant......

{snippety doodle dandy}

...(T)he inhabitant, hardcore Tory cabal wanted to exact a political revenge killing for (NPA stalwart Bill) Ransford having gone off and committed the principled, prudent act of running both the nomination and election campaign of brave Peter Ladner, a Liberal.

Marko Dekovic, a former NPA director, who is currently employed as an assistant to Tory Minister James Moore, primarily organized such mindless pettiness.

Dekovic, an operative with little tenure, who not long ago was an activist Liberal, was the key man in organizing the slate.

His political godfather, Colin Metcalfe, is Sam's former campaign manager (a job Ransford personally arranged for him) and is currently employed by the Tories at the Minister's Regional Office in Vancouver (his latest effort was to shamelessly try to get Sullivan a Senate seat).

Said one Tory henchman of the Ransford target. "You know how it is buddy, he didn't support Sam, buddy......."

Kinda makes one reflect on all that 'rip their throats out' stuff uttered by Smilin' Sammy, on film, in that documentary not so long ago, eh.

But what I find even more disconcerting is the possibility that this this type of thing might actually be offering us a glimpse of some sort of pre-meditated FedCon 'Trojan HarperHobbyHorse State(r)gy' to swarm the cities.

Which, of course, is utterly laughable in the extreme.

Except for the fact that just this week a fawning puff-piece on the FedCon's urbane 'Man About 'BurbTown', the very same fine fellow that Mess'rs Decovic and Metcalfe now work for, Mr. James Moore, popped up in the Conservative Television network's print organ.



Maybe not.

* Re: the 'former' tag on the NPA.....As Mr. T, the other, (ie. Tieleman, not Tsakumis), who also writes for 24 Hours, was quick to point out on a comment thread over at FABula's place.....That 147 member AGM of theirs could just as easily have been held in a really big stretchy tent...... stretchy 'pup' tent that is.....


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