Saturday, January 24, 2009

CanWest May, Or May Not, Be Doomed...

....But The Sun Run Will Go On Forever!

Well....actually.... it hasn't at this very least not know.....cancelled or anything.....

Which is precisely what VSun Editor Kirk Lapointe told the GStraight's Charlie Smith yesterday.

That it's not currently cancelled I mean.


Why all the concern in the first place?

Well, apparently it had something to do with some folks (and some of them proMedia journos?) confusing the words of the internal CanWest memo leaked by Bill Tieleman which said that the parent Corp would no longer pay for employees to have lavish parties in hotel rooms when they (the employees, not the public), participate in the annual fun run of the waffle-shoe set through the streets of Lotuslandia.

Meanwhile, CanWest stock held steady as the Rock of Gibraltar yesterday.

At a whopping 45 cents a share.

Those Magnificent AsperSons.....

They sure are doin' a heckuva job.


Our take on what would happen if CanWest were to wash its hands of all its Inkstained Wretches is here.
Photo credit,
Vancouver blogger and photographer Sebastian White


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