Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Night's Alright....

....For Uke (Cover) Fighting!


First, the Original, from the then still kids from Forrest Hills.....

Next, the Cover, from Gus and Fin from Glasgow with, get this, wavering* harmony!.......


They do the coolest things.

*Which, of course, is probably exactly what Phil Spector wanted, but Johnny wouldn't let him (or Joey) have....
Runner-up on this one was 'sumakichan' who does a wicked Sheena on the 'lectrified Uke....His 'KKK Took My Baby Away' in, get this Japanese! is something to behold.....Still, I can't get me enough of all things Gus & Fin. Or, even Gus and......Duglas......It's DIY Heaven!
I remember the night Jeff Hyman passed away.... I banged out Sheena at bye-bye lullaby time for the two E's.....littler was then 2....Bigger was 8....Think they were probably asleep by then...all the better....
To see someone work who is very rapidly (and most deservedly so) getting way, way past DIY you can watch an entire set of Ms. Nunes (without George Singin' Quimby) in London(!), here.
UkePegPhotoCredit: LosAngelino PhotoMaven EllenBloom.


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