Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Flaherty Equation....



On top of billion dollar boondoggles tucked into all their spending stimuli, apparently Diamond Jim Flaherty and his Voodoo Tribalists figure tax cuts are also the way to go:

Montreal — Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty hinted Tuesday (Jan 06/09) that personal tax cuts could be included in this month's budget as a way to help stimulate the country's economy.

“What I've been hearing across Canada and also from my council of economic advisers has been that we need to invest more in infrastructure,” Mr. Flaherty said ahead of a meeting with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation as part of his pre-budget consultations.....

Cheese Willickers!

Hasn't that equation been tried already?

Increased Spending + Tax Cuts = This

Which looks like a disastrously high negative number, eh?

Sure thing.

But if you are a neoStraussian from, say, The Calgary School, bent on the shrinking and then the killing off all government social programs so that you can move the country formerly known as Canuckistan way over to the waygone right?

Well, what better way to strangle the lifeblood out of that shrivelled baby than by first filling the bathtub with a hugely deep, never-ending deficit with no means to reduce it.

Come to think of it, strangling shrivelled government programs in the deficit bathtub has been tried before too.

To disastrous effect, of course.

But those neoStraussians, especially those that pretend they're from Calgary, are nothing if not triers.



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