Saturday, January 31, 2009

Will George Bailey Tell Mr. Potter Where To Go...

...During The Superbowl Halftime Show?

I dunno for sure.

And I must confess, I'm a little ambivalent about having the idol of my teenage spirit climb atop the hype-heap to sing, sandwiched between the latest 30 seconds of shill swill from the likes of InBev's BudLightLime and Cash4Gold's Promoification of the profit to be made panning through Grandma's jewelry, about the dilapidated 'Mansion on the Hill' that his country has become.

But, then again, Mr. Springsteen is, at the end of the day, an entertainer.

And, besides, as he said, apparently somewhat sheepishly, at a pre-game press conference on Thursday....

"We have a new album coming out...."

Meanwhile, rumour has it that they closed down the autoplant in Mahwah late last night.....


Later last night I was perusing the pages of the real paper/dead tree edition of Friday's New York Times ($3.18 Cdn, thanks for the gouging Pacific News Distributors) when I stumbled across the following from one of my favorite sportswriters, Harvey Araton:

".....who knows, maybe we'll get lucky and there will be at least one bold moment Sunday night when Springsteen goes rogue and rails against - oh, I don't know - offensive Wall Stret bonuses, $18 Billion worth.

Go ahead, Bruce, make those corporate fat cats squirm on their sofas. It's a one-time forum - make a lasting impression....."


And if Bruce were to go rogue and spout something that made Woody and Pete, and maybe even Pete's hat, proud?


Then he and his Buddies from the Boardwalk days could probably launch into 'Born In The USA' without even a trace of irony or, even better, a crass car commercial, in sight.

Although, personally, I'd much prefer a ripsaw rendition of 'Johnny 99'.


And if not a requiem for that Johnny, well, how about the one for this one.
Here's the real thing about Mr. Springsteen for me.....
sure he's not perfect...and sure, he does kinda/sorta still works for the man...and surer, he never actually really knew all that much about '69 Chevvies or Racing in the Streets....and even surer, there was that thing with Ms. Phillips.....but in the end, even as I now age faster than him despite being a full decade younger.....well....unlike the other spirits of my teenaged night, Bruce has never let me down....(and my kids like him too!)
Photocredit: Jim Ritland's fantastic concert photography.
Just a note for Bev time in the Bloggodome will be light for awhile....Science geek stuff beckons....even more so since Diamond Jim and our own Little Stephen told us all to go to hell earlier this week....And make no mistake about it, the country formerly known as Canuckistan is in the grips of a truly evil coalition now....And if Mr. Ignatieff thinks he's going to effortlessly shed the LibCon label down the road, he's clearly drinking Mr. Kinsella's KoolAid by the bucketfull (and/or he really is a republicant reptile from outer space).



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