Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mason v. Spamaloteers


Boy oh boy.

It's not often that I am forced to admit that I agree wholeheartedly with Gary Mason*:

"I don't know, but every time I drove into the city in the past few weeks, the main arteries were always pretty clear. Many side streets were ugly and pretty much impassable for several days, but so what? With cars parked on either side, some of the side streets are so narrow a snowplow could barely get down them anyway.

To avoid burying those cars under more snow, city plows would have to scoop up the snow and dump it into trucks travelling in front of them. Can you imagine how time consuming that would be? And the millions it would cost? Are taxpayers prepared to foot the bill for that? Has no one in Vancouver seen images of snowstorms elsewhere in the country? Are all the little side streets plowed after a big dump?


{snippety doodle dandy}

Breaking news: It snows in Vancouver. Not often, but it does. And when it does, it often snows big. In fact, the city sits in 59th place among all cities in the world in the category of "most huge snowfall days." Those are days when it snows 25 centimetres or more.

Vancouver ranks ahead of Toronto and Calgary. I say, enjoy it when it happens.

Here's the other thing: Snow melts. Often very fast. Especially in Vancouver. And it will this time.

Before we know it people will be complaining about the rain again."

Meanwhile, over in Spamalot, where the latest "Blame-Gregor-For-The-Post-Snow-Potholes" gambit appears to be going nowhere (ie. it has not yet been picked up by the local TeeVee despite their best efforts to hook one of the latter's weather spokesmodels), the dynamic duo have also gone out of their way to demonstrate that, by gum, Vision Vancouver really is a centrist big tent by fronting the musings of Mr. Tim Louis**.

Nice job boys.***

*Not that we would ever accuse Mr. Mason of stealing our stuff or anything.
**Which, surprise!, includes support for one of Spamalot's trademarks, EcoDensity.
***Of course, given the parallel FedCon universe that many of Spamalot's affiliated members appear to travel in, the possibility that this is just the first salvo in a concerted effort to foment the politics of division amongst centrists and progressives in our fair city is not lost on us.


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