Friday, January 16, 2009

Olympic Village Boondoggle: The Apologists


Hours and hours of 'em.

On CBC Radio One (690am; 88.1FM) right now (Friday morning).

If you can stand it.

Geller and Price right now.

Can't you just understand?

It's all for the families.


Update: GWest informed us, in the comments, that Gary Mason was up early with the Cluffmaster and was most definitely NOT playing the role of the apologist.....Hmmmm....wonder why they buried the Mace Man at the front end....Me, at that time I was listening to 'hard' news up the dial (ie. the gnashing of teeth-assisted breakdown of the collapse of the Canucks -my take "subtraction by addition", especially where chemistry is concerned....and I'm not just talking about Mats Messier)...Anyway GW promised more later and I'm waiting for the arrival of the pod, which will show up here.....


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