Friday, January 16, 2009

Olympic Village Boondoggle: The Puffmaster v. The Mace Man


While the back end was a snoozefest, the front end of this morning's CBC Early Edition with Gary Mason was, according to a number of accounts from readers like GWest, spartikus and anon(#37453), actually pretty good.

Despite the best efforts of the Puffmaster Flash....

Real Audio of the entire show is here (Mr. Mason a grand total of 6 min 00:35 to 0041)

(gotta run.....transcript coming later....)

Again, remember that the best stuff
is at the beginning (sorry Ms. Bula, but that last 13 minutes just didn't quite cut it for us...although we did like it when you threw Mr. Cluff's first softball tossed your way right back at him.... high and hard).


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