Monday, January 12, 2009

Olympic Village Boondoggle: The Goodship Watercarrier Is Shocked!


Shocked I tell you.

That he has just discovered that the Vancouver's taxpayers are now, officially, real-estate speculators.

Has the good Mr. Good even been paying attention?

Meanwhile, there are now, officially, Three Spamalotteers. And, surprise!, it's a previously loud and proud FedCon backer. (although you wouldn't know if you were to chance a stealth visit to Spamalot).
Oh, and just so you know Mr. Good/False Equivalency Man..... Laying out the large so that Spec-U-Vestors can make millions flipping $1,000 per sq/ft condos, risk-free, is not the same thing as spending money on infrastructure to build things ALL the Citizens of Vancouver can actually use - sheesh.
And if you want some real fact-filled snarkolepsy with your morning coffee - condohype is really cookin' with gas (but no marble countertops I reckon)....again.


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