Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ponzi, Ponzi On The Wall....

......Which P3 Is Next To Fall?

Fowlie/Culbert, VSun Jan 15/09: The private consortium chosen as the best suited to twin the Port Mann Bridge is struggling to raise money for the project, and has told the B.C. government it needs more time before it can finalize a deal.

The deal -- a public-private partnership or P3 -- was supposed to be completed earlier this month, but on Wednesday, Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon confirmed the deadline has been extended to early February.

Meanwhile, The Minister In-Charge-Of-Pavement, Heavy Kevvie, says everything is fine, just fine:

"Obviously, it's a difficult market out there," Falcon said, referring to constraints in the global credit market.

However, he said he remained confident the deal will go ahead.

"What they tell us is, they remain confident that they can pull it together, but they needed more time," he said.

Sure thing Mr. Falcon.

After all, every economic indicator is saying things are going to get way, way better in the next month.



We've said it before and we'll say it again......

Mr. Campbell built his province, the province that used to be ours, for good times.


What will happen if things go bad?

Looks like we just might be about to find out.

But at least the trains, trains that are no longer ours, will keep on running on time. Right?


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