Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mo'Co Rising.......Not!


In the wasteland that is morning radio in Lotusland I figured it was my duty to give CBC Radio One's morning man, The Cluffmaster Flash, one more try (especially given that I got hooked again after a recent respite delivered by Laura Lynch and Paul Grant)...

But this morning put an end to all that when Mr. Cluff demonstrated, once again, that he doesn't even listen to the interviewee as he moves down the page while reading the questions his producer, Ms. Tobin, has written for him.

This time it was a chat with new Vancouver School Board chair Patti Bacchus about the dearth of kindergarten spaces downtown......After Ms. Bacchus spent most of the first five minutes of the interview explaining how the Provincial Government has refused to build for the future as the Yaletown condos keep rising, despite the VSB's constant prodding, the Cluffmaster went off on yet another incredulous 'but people don't want to go all the way to Strathcona, even if there are buses!' tangent and then, inexplicably, asked Ms. Bauchus if she has ever considered going to the Provincial Government for help.


And don't get me wrong, some of Ms. Tobin's questions for the Cluffinator are good.... In fact, in the hand of a skilled interviewer and/or one that even pays attention (see: Mair, Rafe, or even Ms. Tobin herself when she's behind the microphone) they can really work.....But what we heard today was codswallop that paled in comparison to even a TEAM1040 'news' cast from Stone 'Cold-As-Ice' Phillips......


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