Monday, January 19, 2009

Neil Young Was Right About Skytrain....


Or, at the very least, Shakey was right about Skytrain's need 'For The Turnstiles'.

What the heckfire am I talking about?

Well, as much as it pains me to say it because it may put more non-lobbitarian cash money in a certain content consultant's pockets, I think that Translink needs to put turnstiles in all of it's MetroVancouver Skytrain stations right now.

If not yesterday.


To help stop crap like the following from happening:

New Westminster, Jan 17/09 CPress -- A fight over an unpaid transit fee in New Westminster ended with the fare evader being jolted with a taser and a police officer suffering from head injuries.

Transit police said the man was found on a SkyTrain without a fare and when the train stopped at the next station he tried to flee the police.

A fight broke out on an escalator and one officer fell down the moving stairs, cutting his head.

Police said they had to use the stun gun twice to subdue the man, who was carrying a knife that fell out of his clothing during the scuffle. They said they dealt with the same man two weeks earlier for the same offence and he had to be physically restrained....

And I'm not just talking about stopping whackos with knives from doing things they never should do.


I'm also talking about the 'good guys' with weapons being forced to chase people and become involved in violent situations for ridiculous things like fare evasion because, let's face it, with the wide open system we have now folks are pretty much being dared to cheat.

In addition to the turnstiles, I would also most humbly like to suggest that there should also be real people there at the gate that can give change and/or directions and/or help and/or any other assistance required to all members of the public that pass on through.

At all times.

At all gates.

And at all stations.

These same helpful folks would also be able there to recognize many, many troublesome problems, and the troublemakers involved, before they become violent.

In that vein (ie. having people around that can help in addition to good guys with weapons), I was astonished to hear a Translink Spokeslackey recently on one of the local 'lectric media babble on about how 'fortunate' it was that the snow just melted had forced the corporation to temporarily have drivers on the trains.

Why was the Spokelackey babbling?

Because, in addition to driving, one of those temporary drivers was also able to help when an unrelated safety issue arose.

Imagine that.

Here's Neil, no longer all that young, with 'For The Turnstiles'......


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