Tuesday, January 06, 2009

RailGate Relapsing?


Believe it or not, yesterday there was yet another decision from the judge for even more disclosure in the never ending pre-trial story of the alleged BC Rail briberpalooza.

Mary, b/w a rapid fire piece of cryptology from Neal Hall of the VSun and a much more fulsome eyewitness account from Robin Mathews of the Citizenry, has the story.

I think, perhaps, that the time has finally come to start hedging our bets on a trial ever happening and start pushing for a pub. inquiry.

And if folks were to start calling for the latter BEFORE the May election?


All the better (in my opinion at least).


Direct links for later.....NHall.....RMathews....(remember, the Bloggodome, not to mention Mr. T., never forgets).


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