Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sure Thing, But Can We Trust Anything BC Ferries CEO David Hahn Says?


Why do I ask?

Well, apparently, the relentless (and real) reporting of Andrew MacLeod in The Tyee has gotten under the CEO's skin.

In a radio appearance today, B.C. Ferry Services Inc. president and CEO David Hahn challenged the accuracy of a recent Tyee story.

B.C. Almanac host Mark Forsythe noted that even some B.C. Ferries employees refer to the new German-built Super C-class ships as “gas guzzlers.”

Hahn responded, “"That's from The Tyee, and we can't believe anything they publish......"

Sure thing Mr. Hahn.

But does The Tyee have any, you know, actual evidence that BC Ferries employees have been calling the ferries that were built offshore with our money (but not by our workers) 'gas guzzlers'?

Well, actually, yes.

Not to mention evidence that at least one of Mr. Hahn's minions has ordered the workers to cease and desist.

It's all in the form of an Email, "from Barbara Britton-Wilson, the director of catering services, to the catering departments on 16 ships......"

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Call in the Watercarriers!


And don't forget, the actual evidence that the ferries built offshore with our money (but not by our workers) are, indeed, gas guzzlers was first provided in a memo from Mr. Hahn to the Minister-In-Charge-Of-Pavement, Mr. Kevin Falcon......OK?


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