Saturday, January 10, 2009

Olympic Village Boondoggle: VANOC's Deafening Silence



What does VANOC have to say about all this Fortress/Intrawest is out....City of Vancouver is propping up Millenium, but maybe getting ready to make drastic changes stuff?


Have you heard VANOC CEO Mr. Furlong say anything?

Or VANOC Chair Mr. Poole?

Or, how about, he who is still on the VANOC Board who once helped the City plan stuff and who has more recently had considerable experience with large venue cost overruns, Mr. Dobell?

Or even any of VANOC's very fine, finest-of the-deep-powder-fine, Spokesmodels?


Me neither.

Heckfire, even the (nolongerso)Giant'98 could only get an Email response out of 'em:

CKNW contacted Vanoc for comment on the chance the Olympic Athletes' Village will have to be completed at Vancouver taxpayers' expense, but no one would respond on tape.

Instead, 2010 organizers released a short, three-point statement via e-mail.

In the brief message, Dan Doyle, Executive Vice-President of Construction, is quoted as supporting the mayor and city in managing the project during "an extremely challenging economic environment."

He also says the city's been in constant contact with the organizing committee about the village but wouldn't say whether Vanoc would help financially.

Did you catch that last part?

Citizens of Vancouver, it appears, so far at least, that we are on our own.

And if you go to the VANOC site looking for 'News' you will find nothing....Well, there is, of course, their latest, freshly posted on Dec 17th, about all the cool music that will be coming to town with the Circus....No word yet on whether or not the good Mr. Allen's cut of the action, if any, will be the first and/or the deepest....or even if Mr. Beer 'N Hockey's favorite will be there.


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