Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Night's Alright For....

....Uke (Cover) Fighting

First, the original, from Feargal Sharkey et al., getting their then still teenage Ya Ya's out......

Next, the cover, from Great Britain's Uke Orchestra still doing their damndest to get their Kicks In....

When I was a no-longer-quite teenager
anymore, circa 1979/80, my boyhood friend S. was going to school in the Big City. One weekend when I was over visiting from the (not-so)Big Smalltown across the water we got up, hungover, to head for Quintessence Records because S. had decided he had to buy something from any band at all called 'THE' somethings. Not sure, why that was, exactly, but as a result he bought the latest from 'The Rezillos' which proved ultimately unremarkable, not to mention forgettable. What did I get? Why, 'The Undertones', of course. After all, I already had 'The Buzzcocks'.
UkePegPhotoCredit: LosAngelino PhotoDiva EllenBloom.


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