Sunday, January 11, 2009

Forget Ben Stein....

...And Send Sean Holman Your Money!


Because the last of the independents needs $3K to keep his website, Public Eye*, going.

Imagine that.

The guy who breaks more stories of provincial import than all the CorpMedia outlets in British Columbia put together does it on something like 00.01% of their budget.

The Corp-A-Tistas' collective budget I mean.**



What the heckfire are you waiting for?

Send Sean your money.


Oh, ya....and if he gets enough moola Mr. Holman even promises to make podcasts of his Sunay morning radio show available.....I told him I'd double my investment if that happens (I ain't no spec-u-vestor).
*Not to be confused with the old British TV Show of the same name....although some folks in the PAB Bureau Bunker, especially those with a sense of humour and who are older than 26 (which narrows it down a heckuva lot if you are looking for a non-FOIable source) have suggested off the record and not for E-mail attribution that Mr. Holman does bear a slight resemblance to Mr. Frank Marker...
**And don't forget, Mr. Holman was pretty darned successful working fulltime within the CorpMediaMaw once upon a time....So if we don't pony-up we could lose him.....After all, a guy's gotta eat (and/or at least pay the wi-fi bills).


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