Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Return Of Philip's Dimness


Just heard former, former Vancouver mayor Philip Owen calling for 'perspective' on the Olympic Village Boondoggle.

"After all", he said* on CBC Radio One's 1:00pm newscast, "It's not as if all that luxury is going to be sold for nothing......"

Sure thing your Bulblessness.

And it's not as if the thing is going to actually cost what we were told it was gonna cost.

Or that carrying costs might go up.

Or that borrowing costs might skyrocket.

Or that all those 'amenities' and 'infrastructure' that the PEF has apparently already paid for might have cost more than originally projected.

(By the way, just how much, exactly, did all those 'amenities' and 'infrastructure' cost anyway?)


*Paraphrasing given that the MoCo's hamster wheel website spinners don't, apparently, work weekends.
Still waiting for the former mayor, Senator DaVinci to weigh in.....And no, we don't thing this comment over at FABula's is for real. A much more impressive comment is this one from condohype.


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