Friday, January 16, 2009

Olympic Village Boondoggle: The Pushback Begins In Earnest


Shorter Peter Ladner:

"Granite counter-tops for the Spec-U-Vestive few good.....Social amenities for all Vancouverites bad...."

Heckfire - the actual money quote is even worse:

"The time crunch was hugely exacerbated by the COPE council's seven-month revamping of the official development plan in 2004-05 to add tens of millions of dollars in social amenities which we now know the city couldn't afford."

Tens of millions?????

Tens of millions that we couldn't afford..... to add those evil social amenities????

(most of which were chopped out immediately after Mr. Ladner and Smilin' Sammy's Fabulists took power in late 2005)

But we can now afford hundreds of millions for those countertops that 99.99% of us will never get to chop our vegetables on????

Not to mention the extra millions being poured down the gullet of a reportedly dieing Hedge Fund we will likely never even see again.

Super sheesh.

Thanks to reader Spartikus for the heads-up to the CBC's posting of unquestioned pull quotes from the press release/'editorial' from Mr Ladner...... I left a comment there about that (the unquestioned posting of the pull quotes), but it has yet be posted (the comment, not the pull quotes, I mean)....


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