Monday, February 22, 2016

A Nation Of Roads.


The Left Coast's best kept musical secret, Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray is/are getting ready to head out on the road once more.

They've upgraded from their little Honda Element to a real touring van and this summer they are using Road Nation to help crowd-fund this summer's tour.

Unfortunately for Lotuslandians they won't be going north of California so it's not possible help fund a show here this time around.

But have no fear because they have some pretty cool stuff you can invest in to help get them on their way anyway.

And in trying to choose, I first kibbitzed a bit with Yuma on the Twittmachine about getting a guitar rig consult but, in the end, decided I don't have enough pedals yet so I bought something else instead.

And that was before I moved down to the end side of the list towards the more pricey items and started laughing my head off when I saw the following:

Which is not the first time I've heard about this indy-band aversion to the Avett Brothers rip-off.

But, heckfire...That doesn't stop me and mine from doing it.

In fact, here is Bigger E and her friend Yuval down in the Montreal Metro from a while back:

That one always makes me smile.

But then again, what do I know - I'm just an old guy who doesn't get out on the road near often enough.




sd said...

I sure hope Shevaugh and Yuma's crowd funding is very successful ! Lord knows independent artists and musicians have a hard row to hoe. So,that's why an article in the Tyee today caught my eye. Seems that the majority of the $30 mil of tax money to spur the music economy in Ontario went to big industry players not independents. Which makes me wonder about crusties and bubbles $100 mil announcement the other day. How transparent will it be? How many independents will see any money? If the goal is to become "Nashville North" what's the plan?Or will this end up like Ontario?

RossK said...


First off, and most importantly, MS&YR really are fantastic...For example, check this out.

Regarding the other stuff...

Jesse Brown spent some time talking about this very thing over at Canadaland awhile back.

Who the heckfire knows what will happen locally in Lotusland...'Twas most interesting to see how 'established' the artists who were present at the unveiling were...Think it might be more telling to see a breakdown of the 'management' behind the artists who receive funding...After all, if you have rampant pay-to-playism in everything else you do, why not a music 'initiative' also.


sd said...

I checked out the MS&YR video and they are very good. The opening sorta reminded me of "The Rivers Wide and I can't Get Over". Dope City Blues reminded me of what we go through and how it all comes to a head when our best friends have to go. I guess what gets me riled about this "fund" is that back in the day B.Allen ruled every club in Vancouver and you couldn't get a gig if you weren't under his management. Sounds like a similar deal only with new players.

RossK said...


It certainly was difficult not to think of the good Mr. Allen as this thing was thing was being hyped....errrr...'announced'.