Tuesday, February 23, 2016

That Day In Clarkland...How To Bury A Response To The Children's And Youth Representative.



Why, exactly, was the Clarklandian response to a scathing report from the Child and Youth representative released on October 19th, Federal Election day, instead of October 21st as previously planned?

Because the 'PO' wanted it that way, that's why.

How do we know this?

Because of an Email trail released in response to an FOIR that was included in a story by the Globe's Sunny Dhillon that was published this morning.

There's a whole lot of stuff to wade through in the actual FOI release.

But to my mind all you need is the last sentence of the following (which can be found on pg 40):

And what, pray tell does that 'PO', above, refer to?

Well, being little more than a lowly idiot blogger I won't hazard a guess.

Instead I'll leave it to the estimable Mr. Dhillon of the Globe:

...Sarah Plank, communications director for the Ministry of Health, wrote on the morning of (Friday) Oct. 16 that she did not think there would be enough time to contact stakeholders (in time for a Monday Oct 19th release). Matt Gordon, assistant deputy minister of corporate priorities and communications operations, replied to ask what was doable. He said he would be consulting with “PO,” presumably the Premier’s Office....


Bob Mackin, writing in The Tyee, takes things one step further with a much more complete analysis of the EMail trail than the Globe's Mr. Dhillon.



Bill said...

Christy's office (the PO) truly the Wild West and this is how they win. The Opposition really exposed the evil 'win by any means' that Christy will go to and again a total lack of back bone by Cadeaux. Politics trumps people, especially families in nee for thes Pirates.

Mike Farneorth was very good in exposing the facts through FOI emails from the Premier's Office to rush through they release to coincide with overshadowing election news. Really despicable actions by a government only interested in themselves and power.

Always and only the National / Eastern media report these scandals, the local pillaging 1%ers lhave many Liberal pressers to rewrite to deadline, deflect and spin.

The Liberal Pirates and their evil Ledge Monkey Pressers need to be closed down.

Lew said...

I note Lisa Leslie was involved in the "deliberations" on the timing of the response. Strange that CKNW didn't have Sean Leslie on to discuss the great angst they were displaying about this. After all, he slid seamlessly from CKNW’s Legislative Bureau Chief (in other words, chief of himself) right into the Ministry of Children and family Development as senior public affairs officer. He’s now safely ensconced in Michelle Stilwell’s Social Development ministry with the same title, toiling away justifying her existence, but I’m sure he would have spared a few moments to discuss his knowledge of the happenings at MCFD. Right?

RossK said...

Agreed Bill--

Interestingly, non-Club member Charlie Smith has a story up on the GStraight Website about the Club's willing reliance on shillophants


I had missed that Lew - thanks.