Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Keef Report...Yawning Through The Hyperbubble.


Think that former Bash Brother and current economic genius Jose Canseco took care of Mr. Baldrey's 'So?', at least in part, recently on the Twittmachine.

Meanwhile, this just in from one of the Lotuslandian proMedia's young Anti-Keefs:

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Bill said...

Baldrey continues to run interference for his Liberal masters.

Slightly off topic but may be timely.

Two predictions to look for in the upcoming Christy and Co budget to be presented early this week...

- de Jong's budget will be balanced and debt free

- Christy will run an ethics free budget (again)

In fact only one of these two promises will be true.

I wonder if Christy will be triple dating Baldrey, Palmer and Smith for a romantic all expenses Valentines Dinner for services rendered.

North Van's Grumps said...

more likely triple deleting Baldrey, Palmer and Smith and they won't even notice

Lew said...

Perfect illustration of the stark difference between a working journalist and a buffoon posing as one.

Thanks, RossK.

Chuckstraight said...

Baldrey says Vancouver has "now" joined San Fransisco etc?

This has been this way for a while Keith-where you been?

I find Keith Baldrey irrelevant and do not read his "articles".

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to note the time of day at which Mr. Baldrey makes a lot of his more sneering tweets. It is often at the time when many of us are finishing off the second bottle of wine after dinner.

e.a.f. said...

Keith Baldrey who????used to be some political commenter by that name but he seems to have disappeared. Now some guy with a lot of hair uses the name and reads b.c. liebeal press releases and makes twitty tweets as A. 9:29 a.m. says.

There is nothing about Vancouver that would dictate these high prices for houses except foreign money is coming into the city and competing for the houses. Same for Richmond, Burnaby, White Rock, North Vancouver.

Given B.C. doesn't have particularly high salaries, who actually from the area could buy these houses at these high prices? We are actually not that well off, if we exclude "visitors" and "investors". We have the highest rate of child poverty and have had for 15 yrs and we have the lowest min. wage in Canada. B.C.ers can't afford to buy in the high price areas so it is reasonable to conclude its foreigners or foreign money. Given thousands of the homes are left empty, we can conclude its foreigners. So Keefe is incorrect, we are not like the other cities. They may have high prices, but they have people living in those homes. They are members of the community. The cities are financial, commercial, or IT centres.

The budget will not address the issues of high house prices or empty homes.

People who work for the City of Vancouver can no longer afford to live here. If there is ever an emergency the First Responders of all sorts, along with health care workers, will all be living several hours away and they won't be interested in leaving their neighbourhoods and families to come and rescue a bunch of rich people living in Vancouver and parts. The City of Vancouver may have "plans" to bring in their staff, but trust me, they won't be coming. Why should they? They don't live in Vancouver, they just come to work and go home. Sort of just visiting like those who own the properties. A huge disconnect. Not good for a society