Thursday, February 25, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Word Salad-A-Go-Go.


From an Hansard docc-ed exchange between Carole James and Christy Clark in the BC legislature yesterday courtesy the omnipresent Bob Mackin:


Here's the real question for those of us outside the legislative chambers...

Now that proMedia mavens of Lotusland know that the skullduggery took place within the Premier's office (i.e. the 'PO' mentioned by Mr. Matt Gordon in his Emails), will they keep digging?

Or, as happened with Quick Wins, is now the time to stop?

Stop digging I mean.



Maybe those above mentioned mavens could ask the Premier's newly-minted super-smart press secretary a question or seven about this.

Every single day from now to next May.

Until they finally get something on the record that is actually syntactically interpretable.

Heckfire, maybe one or two could even ask said secretary tonight over a shot and a beer.

After all, it is Thursday isn't it?



Anonymous said...

Did you mention " QuickWins" ? Most people think it came to end and was followed by a loooong investigation that could be released on a weekend around midnight when all are fast asleep.
Quickwins is alive & well and just took on a bunch of new players from Alberta ( the Province CC likes to criticize ) and those former media people who couldn't make it in the private world. Do you think the Keith is asking... when is it my turn ?

Guy in Victoria

krank! said...

Thanks for your hard work Ross, but I despair it is all for naught. Our pole dancing Premier is playing Trump to a fare- thee-well while the opposition is regaling us with their Jeb! Impersonation. The joining of hands by these fools for Pink Shirt Day while the biggest bully in the province kicks the disabled community in the gonads is truly breathtaking! The MSM in this province long ago became but mere ciphers and an echo chamber for this kleptocratic regime. Instead of being interventionists as the fourth estate they have chosen to be enablers. Fantasize a little and imagine Fat Dave or the other Clark(Glen) or Bob Williams or Gary Lauk and the rest of the NDP from that era with the material available today. Happy warriors going to battle daily unlike the academic to and fro in the House today. BC RAIL, WFP LAND GIVEAWAY, GOVT INDUCED SUICIDES, ETC., ETC. Carry on Ross but Election '17 appears today to be a repeat of Election'13. The Sorbonne, Edinburgh University, and SFU keep being listed on Krusty's c.v. as a verity unquestioningly by everyone. Did she even get her Dogwood? TRUMP/ICAHN '16!😂😂😥😥💣💣💣