Monday, February 29, 2016

Trumpism Explained?


At least in part.

Via Chelsea Harvey of the WaPo:

Fear and misinformation about the Zika virus still abound, according to a new survey just released by the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public Policy Center. Most notably, the survey finds that more than a third of (American) respondents incorrectly believe that genetically modified mosquitoes have caused the spread of the disease...


I'm surprised Mess'rs Beck and Limbaugh aren't screaming for the heads of geneticists who work on dipterian insects everywhere.

With an assist of the good Ms. Palin, of course.



Lew said...

Trump will now promise to erect the biggest skitter net in history around Brazil. He'll make Brazil pay for it of course, and everyone will be so happy. His poll numbers will go up 10% the morning after the announcement...

Anonymous said...

Canada for President

RossK said...


I reckon it will be all of South America.

Just to be 'safe'.

All Marathon men will, of course, however be given first class package to Trumpville so that they can work their magic on any and all scofflaws and/or protestors who the Donald can't personally 'punch in the face'.


RossK said...




Unknown said...

I believe this cartoon explains Trumpism.

Hugh said...

I like to look at the positives:

- Trump thinks the Iraq war was a huge mistake.

- He opposes oppressive trade deals ie TPP.

- He says he would bring back US jobs that have been outsourced to Asia.

RossK said...


That's the beginning of his populist pivot...He's done the same thing with Planned Parenthood.

And the proMedia and the donor class will go along with it once the deal is made (i.e. once they know they can 'work with him')